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I sat and watched the raindrops falling,
Splashing on my windowsill,
And it seemed a voice was calling,
Saying, "Listen, if you will".

Listen to the song I'm playing,
Listen to its sweet refrain,
Listen, now, to what I'm saying,
For I'm more, much more, than rain.

I'm the promise of tomorrow,......
I was shackled by chains that the eye could not see
And a voice deep inside me cried to be free,
But I heard not the voice till I'd lived many years,
Made deaf by ignorance, held back by my fears,
And I couldn't seek freedom till finally I learned
That confidence grows with success that is earned.

So with much help and guidance - here and there gentle shove -
From the people who showed me their trust and their love,
I set a new course for my life, tried to find........
The MirrorI Believe In You
A mirror doesn't show us all the things we'd like to see,
It doesn't ever let us see the things we'd like to be,
A mirror's not a magic glass to fulfill every dream,
It surely doesn't take skim milk and give you back the cream.

There's a certain kind of justice that will never let you pass
A counterfeit as something real into a looking glass,
The image that it gives you will match you pace for pace,
You can't sneak up behind it, it will greet you face to face.

And the message that we read in this fragile little thing
Is what we all get out of life's exactly what we bring,
'Cause you can't receive from others if you keep yourself locked tight,
And you can't discern the wrong unless you know what's right.

So this piece of glass will tell us, if we only stop to hear,
How our life impacts on others - those both far and near,
For it seems that life reflects how we treat our fellow man,
And we get the most from it by just doing what we can.

If we want to look our best in the mirror of our life,
We should all attempt, I think, not to add to all the strife
That befalls those we might meet - let us help them as we pass,
And we might like what we see, gazing from the looking glass.
There seems to be no limit as to what a man can do
If he's buoyed up by the current of an "I believe in you",
He can climb the highest mountain, swim the widest sea,
He can be whatever person he believes himself to be.

Now when I say a man can do these things, I hope you know,
That a woman, too, can match a man and go where he can go,
So I'm speaking of mankind, and of what this team can do,
If they both support each other, and say, I believe in you".

It's amazing how a person, though he thinks himself so small,
When he knows someone's behind him, can dig down and give his all,
And sometimes surprise himself at what he now can do,
He has found this well of strength from an "I believe in you".

Such a startling revelation, when you've done all you can do,
To step back and see you've done all you really wanted to,
And you know you owe the thanks for these dreams of yours come true
To the faith of all the people who said, "I believe in you".